Alison Johnson

United Kingdom

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Alison has been a qualified hatha yoga, yoga therapy and prenatal yoga teacher since 2003. With further certification training of Anatomy for Yoga in 2010.

She leads a yogic lifestyle teaching from the heart with great knowledge and experience.

Based in London but has spent a vast amount of time throughout India studying and teaching in locations such as Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Himalayas, Delhi, Mysore and Nasik. She has taught on Yoga Teacher Training Courses and assisted on Advanced Teacher Training courses. During her time in India time she was also teaching yoga and meditation classes, courses and workshops of various levels including beginner courses and advanced classes.

Alison continues to study yoga drawing great inspiration from many teachers and taking training workshops in various locations in India and Europe.

Sivananda trained to Advanced level her classes are based on the Sivananda tradition, which is a classic form of Hatha Yoga.

Alison says " My interest in yoga goes beyond the yoga mat, I like to delve deep into yoga philosophy, and have a special interest in Raja yoga."


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