Alison Roberts

Belfast, Holwood
United Kingdom

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Alison Roberts teaches Classical Yoga Classes and Workshops in Northern Ireland. Her regular classes are in Belfast, Holywood

A well established yoga teacher in Holywood and East Belfast she has over 12 years experience teaching in the community as well as for Belfast Metropolitan College at Castlereagh Campus.

She took up yoga as a teenager but became truly passionate about it after turning to it to help with a debilitating illness in her twenties. She has studied under her teacher and friend Helen MacBroom (Parasmani from the Satyananda Ashram, Belfast and co-founder of Ananda Yoga Circle) for ten years before undertaking a 600 hrs + teacher training diploma with The Yoga Fellowship of Northern Ireland. She has since completed a number of additional specialist courses and initiations including Kriya Yoga, Advanced Yogic Studies, Meditation and most recently graduating with YFNI as a Teacher Training Tutor. She has been involved in a number of Teacher Training Courses both as a Tutor and Assessor and has recently set up Yoga Studio International with Alistair Livingstone, which is an on-line yoga study and training site.

Alison has a reputation for practical philosophy and has a talent for breaking some of the most profound yogic teachings into simple but effect techniques as well as explaining the philosophical reasons which underpin so many traditional yoga practices. She firmly believes that yogic teaching is for everyone not just an elite few and believes in sharing what knowledge she has with her students.

Alison teaches weekly classes at Wandsworth Community Centre, Queen's Leisure Complex, Holywood and BMC, Castlereagh. These classes are frequently fully booked and have a very high re-enrolment rate - many of her students have been attending the classes as long as she has been teaching them.

She has always offered 1-2-1 regularly, as well as small restorative yoga classes at various venues and corporate classes at peoples places of work. The Yoga Room is her first Studio.


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