Alison Turriff

North Lanarkshire
United Kingdom

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Yogini Ali found her way into her first Ashtanga yoga class in her early twenties and after that moment yoga weaved its way through her personal and professional life. After graduating as a musician, Ali found herself travelling and living throughout Europe and the Middle East before settling in Dubai where she further cultivated her practice and found her way into the classes of several Gurus from India. From this point her intrigue about India blossomed and it became a dream to spend time there and study yoga, philosophy and Ayurveda at the source.

Before realising this dream however, Ali found herself back in Scotland spending time with and caring for her mum and best friend who unfortunately left this world for another. Realising the preciousness of life and living every moment, Ali took herself off to the Indian jungle where she trained and qualified as a Yoga Teacher before spending four further months in India practicing and leading workshops of her own. Whilst in India, Ali found out that she had received a divine gift and that she was carrying her first baby and so returned to Scotland where she now empowers others through yoga, meditation, mindfulness and nutrition.