Alissa Pardo Stein

Miami Beach, FL
United States

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Gentle Therapeutics Yoga is an adaptation of traditional Hatha Yoga poses. Using the breath, our own body weight (isometric, PNF stretching techniques) as well as props- blankets, straps, blocks & the wall, we will create space & ease tension in our body- Gentle Yoga makes yoga accessible in a nurturing setting.

Gentle Yoga postures unite physical & mental awareness. They emphasize relaxation as well as awareness of any tension in the body. Yoga postures which emphasize breathing and relaxation, can improve physical health, help to stabilize the emotions and create a positive mental attitudes. The postures also promote the free flow of energy throughout the nervous system. They assist in the elimination of toxins from the body. Yoga postures exert a beneficial pressure on various glands and internal organs, flushing and stimulating them. Even a little practice can produce amazing improvements in general health. You will feel the difference. All ages are welcome.


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