Alissa Smith

Auckland --
New Zealand

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Alissa is a Les Mills BODYBALANCE® group fitness instructor, and has recently trained to become an independent yoga teacher, starting up Wonder Yoga. Her focus is currently on workplace yoga and social gatherings. After a full-time career in graphic design, she can understand the effects a sedentary desk job has on the physical body and mind state. Having now found harmony between both jobs, she is sharing her knowledge and experience with the corporate world and those who are in need of better balance in their lives. Classes are tailored around the needs of the participants, including contemporary flow yoga, postures that challenge but are accessible to all, and conclude with a mindful meditation.

Alissa teaches from the heart, and her goal is to share the enjoyment and passion that she feels in yoga. She wants to support people to love their body and appreciate all it is capable of. Alissa enjoys teaching to all levels of fitness, age and flexibility, and receives great satisfaction from seeing each person’s progress and achievements. She is fascinated by the synchronicity of breath and movement, and hopes you will be inspired too!


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