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I was born and raised in Kazakhstan. After 16 years experience in corporate world one day I shifted to Yoga. 9 years of self practice and almost 5 years of teaching. My main teaching experience took place in India, Trimurti Yoga School. In South Goa and Himalayas.
I was really lucky to have a deep 2.5 years experience as basic and senior teacher in TTC for multistyle 200 program: Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin for groups of 20-35 students, Aside from practice on the mat I gave theory classes on: anatomy, art of breath, modern inlook into chakras, art of teaching, alignment and adjustment. I was also holding space for weekly Sharing Circles where we were exchanging actual issues or questions with students. My task was to mediate a safe place where they are able to express and share and receive support from team if needed. I was involved in mentoring students during their practical exams through observation and giving a structural feedback.
I am grateful for gaining experience of senior teaching in 300 hours - Yin and Yang program. A mix of Yoga, 5 elements and TCM. Exploring how all these can be implemented in self practice and in teaching.
Today I am opened to teach in other programs of TTCs. And I have also started a new project called Woman of Wisdom recently. Through various body, mind and emotion work I guide women to recover their femininity and physciology through self practice. This is a heart melting project for me. I am travelling around world giving workshops and retreats.
My goal is to find cooperation between mind and body. To be aware of the fact that your anatomy, life experience, desires and even thoughts are different from others. As if there is no 1 diet for everyone. Same way our bodywork differs from others'. But learning and developing proprioception - ability to sense position of body without looking at it - can improve health and practice.
Body for asana. Not the other way round. Modifying poses and actually "hearing" the needs of body - this is my belief.
Apart from above mentioned styles I teach and practice: Qi Gong, Dance therapy, dynamic and still meditations, Dao feminine practice, pranayama. Yin yoga with myofascial release - is 1 of my favorite styles.
In my hands-on approach I invite Reiki to help me, 2nd level.
Guided Somatic Dialogue - is a 1-1 therapy where I verbally guide the person through body, finding blocks, pain and emotions. Visualization, breath, deep relaxation are the methods here. Person is able to face issues and release in intense but safe way.
Somatic breath - I guide a group of maximum 10 people through dynamic healing breath. Similar to rebirthing, shamanic breath. Also very intense and dynamic emotional release.
My curiosity of my body and life motivates me to search, try and share every day. I follow the requirements of Yoga Alliance and my statys today is ERYT-200, RYT-500. But for me connecting to people and understanding them is much more important than any paper. Thank you for giving me opportunity to talk about what I love here and to be heard.


Average: 4.9 of 5 stars

7 Reviews

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I was lucky enough to be taught by Aliya in the amazing Trimurti School in Dharmsala. Her style is unique and strict but wise and beautiful. She combines femininity with mindfulness, strength with grace and love with compassion. I think her teaching anywhere would be an immense addition to anyones class. She is focused, professional but also very funny! Her soul is pure and gentle but that of a true survivor. Thank you, Aliya!

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Free spirit

Aliya is one of the teachers' whom I met during the 200 hrs TTC at Trimurti Yoga in January 2014.
She is an excellent teacher of multy stiles including Asthanga and Yin Yoga. Although she is very experienced, she continues to develop her skills with passion and enthusiasm.

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Magic Practice

I remember one thing that illustrates very well Aliya.
We were doing a Yin Practice and she told us "now you hate me. You want to go out the posture."

Like she was reading in our minds ahah ! Yoga is a wonderful practice and sometimes we feel so good but at the same time our mind is telling us we would prefer lying on the sofa. This is the precise moment when we have to continue.
Yoga is life. Sometimes it is hard but we have to continue.


Thank you Aliya for showing me this.

Moreover, Aliya is a (plurilingual) personality on Facebook, she writes posts almost everyday (when she has the Internet LOL) and this is SO inspiring to me !

Finally, her daughter gave me my diploma during my TTC. Like a flower-angel, this sweet lady came over me and gave me the paper, and she will stay for ever in my mind ;)

two little beauties, inspiring and lovely


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Amazing teacher and friend☀️☀️☀️

I am very thankful, that i had chance to meet her. She is more than just a yoga teacher, she is a friend too:) all knowledge that she has about yoga and life in general, it is amazing. She is super friendly, honest and happy person.

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A true free spirit!

Aliya is like one of the most beautiful butterflies you will ever see. She is constantly shining all her colors and with her energy, just like the wings of the butterfly, she embraces you completely. But not just only you. She is also able to expand to the whole room and let her presence be felted by all studens.
And just like the caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, Aliya is able to transform herself on every class, put her unique love signature to it and teach a wide range of different yoga styles.
Being a true free spirit, she irradiates love, light and motivation to all her students. And tries make them think about their lives and encourages them to follow their true passions. Just like a wild and free butterfly ;)

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Full of love and light!

Aliya is an amazing being who brings love, light, and so much knowledge into her teachings. Whether it is practicing Ashtanga, Yin, or meditation, I have grown tremendously because of her. She really knows how to open a space for her students to be explore different aspects of the practice and bring balance to your mind, body and soul. I had the honor to learn from her during my yoga teacher training and can't wait until our paths cross again. If you have the opportunity to share your practice with her - do so!!

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The body travel teacher

A personalised and creative way to discover and work your own instincts and ilimited body limits!