Alla Selisher

Ormond VIC

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Alla Selisher is the Founder and the Principal of Avirit Yoga Studio and is a highly qualified Registered Yoga teacher with over 18 years of experience. Her qualifications include Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching, Certificate in Advanced Pranayama and Certificate of Advanced Ayurvedic Healing. She studied yoga in Australia, India and Thailand. Alla continuously studies to expand her knowledge and to develop new skills.

Alla is a passionate Yogi and Health practitioner. She thrives to deliver a true essence of yoga through every class. Alla began teaching yoga in 2000 year servicing South-East suburbs of Melbourne. Before she developed her own yoga style, Alla had explored many yoga styles, such as Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Classical Hatha yoga. Her own unique teaching style of yoga incorporates Hatha, Restorative and slow and dynamic Vinyasa. Each class is a flow of carefully selected postures with a correct breathing technique. Alla’s classes are very well structured with a unique blend of postures, integrating breath work and a deep relaxation session. Alla is very clear in instructing the postures and she professionally adjusts when required. Alla incorporates Qi Gong (pronounced Chi-Gun) in her yoga classes, allowing students to access vital living energy during the practice.


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