Allison Bond

Houston, TX
United States

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After many years of dance training in the early part of her life, Allison found the dynamics of yoga nurturing, empowering and familiar. During her part-time practice, she began to experience pain from her labral hip tear, osteoarthritis and scoliosis and was concerned for her wellbeing. Despite her physician’s advice, she listened to her intuition and began practicing new methods, learning intricate details of how the body works and was able to practice again pain-free.

Allison began to realize the knowledge and wisdom, spiritually and physically, that followed every practice and every lecture she attended. She sought many hours training, learning body mechanics, physiology, kinesiology and energetics, bringing her deeper and deeper into the experience of her body and spirit on the mat. She has since healed her own scoliosis and torn shoulder and has developed her own method for injury prevention and pain relief.

Now she passes that wisdom along to others for healing their injuries and for physical and emotional freedom. Allison has been teaching yoga since 2012, teaching full-time since 2014. She focuses on body mechanics, alignment and bringing strength and ease onto the mat. Her private clients benefit from tailored practices to suit their physical, emotional and spiritual needs and her students leave class feeling replenished, happy and balanced. She believes that everyone can be physically and emotionally free and balanced at any age with any limitation.

When off the mat, Allison enjoys spending quality time with loved ones, biking, dancing, enjoys the arts and traveling, and, in addition to yoga, studies Jyotish and is a 22nd Gen. Dragon Gate Daoist Priest.


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