Ally Goodwin

Brisbane QLD
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My gratitude for the gifts I feel through an ongoing Yoga and meditation practice is immense. It's this space I come from in offering my understanding as it shifts and unfolds each moment of each day, my complete presence, authentic and fallible, and a big open heart in sharing this beautiful practice with you. I find that a regular Yoga practice brings about a lightness and joyful delight in life, even as it hits patches of really hard, as there is a continued letting go of attachment to layers of physical, mental and emotional holding, and a settling into an ever-deepening authenticity with myself and the world around me. This easeful and joyful connection discovered through Yoga is a gift that I continue to learn within, and deeply enjoy sharing.
A spinal cord injury in 2009 changed my relationship with my practice for the much-better! With the strong, humble guidance of my amazing teacher Dan Alder, I began to slowly let go of achieving and relax into feeling, understanding ~ being. My curiosity for deeper understanding led me to jump gleefully into a year-long teacher training with the renowned Kate Pell and Dan, where I was again pointed inward. I am boundlessly grateful, and my exploration into life continues in joy.

I also hold a Bachelor of Social Science (Community Development), and believe passionately in the capacity of individual inner awareness and outward conscious, compassionate action to positively affect the world.

It seems to me that Life is Big, and Beautiful. Yoga is a different thing to every different person - to me it is the practice of dropping into an ever-deepening presence with ourselves exactly as we beautifully are, and the Life we're part of; of clearing away attachment to the layers of story and complexity that can make our vision a little blurred - complicating and limiting our experience. As the body and mind open, strengthen and quieten, an inner calm and freeing joy quietly, naturally, arise. ... And that's pretty special.

Having said that, I'm definitely not enlightened and look through fog on a regular basis! But hey the fog has its own beauty ;)

"I'm happier in life when I practice. So I love sharing it."


Ally is a gifted teacher & combines breathing awareness with postures to enhance a strong abdominal core, flexibility & balance. The restorative class is sheer bliss. A great way to let go of all tension in mind & body. The beginner class is simultaneously invigorating & strengthening & a good way to "sample" the benefits of yoga. With more practice, mindful breathing & body awareness becomes integrated with one's way of being. Lots of insight as a result. I have experienced a real joy in taking up yoga again, and it has helped make space for healing. ~ Felicity 8/5/14


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

1 Review

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