Allyson Parzero

Fort Myers, FL
United States

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Travel, food, and yoga are three of my absolute favorite things in life: let me tell you As a child, all I ever really wanted was to travel. I would collect vacation brochures and play games that involved memorizing capitals of countries from around the world. Normal? I'm not really sure about that, but lucky for me, my passion for travel carried over into my adult life. Over the years my fascination with unusual cultures and my craving to search out outrageously unique experiences lead me to airport after airport; backpack stuffed full, travel guide at the ready and passport in hand. I sought out different countries, traditions, lifestyles, peoples and food and I loved every minute of it. My wanderlust eventually brought me to Asia (Thailand) where I spent several years studying yoga, teaching English, and eating more than my fair share of phad thai. Southwest Florida is home base for me now. I guess you could call me a snowbird. But! I spend my summers traveling around the world with my honey, because after all, it was my childhood dream and who among us doesn't want to fulfill that?
Life is pretty damn good!


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