Alona Smith

Riverside, CA
United States
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I began practicing Yoga over ten years ago, yet I feel I have been practicing asanas (postures) since I was a child and before I knew these postures had names. A knee injury I received after running a marathon led me to my first class. There I received more than just a workout. It was spiritual and emotional and a sure introduction into what would then become my way of life.

My intentions as a teacher and as founder of the Anam Cara studio are to be compassionate, empowering, and inspiring, and to create a safe and fun environment where students can learn to listen to, honor and respect their bodies, achieve more balance in life, reduce stress, and increase flexibility. Everyone at Anam Cara believes that continual physical movement, meditation, mind/body awareness and good nutrition are the road to well being and happiness.

I have studied under several wonderful teachers and received my teacher training under Scott Miller at Western Yoga College. My own classes emphasize a balance of strength and ease in the body, with attention to alignment and safety. My personal style is influenced by the various styles I have practiced over the years. I enjoy working with people of all ages, body sizes, shapes, abilities and genders, helping them feel comfortable with yoga and themselve

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