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United Kingdom

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My background is in classical ballet and rhythmic gymnastics. I have been practicing yoga for 9+ years.

Looking at the history of gymnastics and ballet, we soon learn that both were inspired by body movements of the ancient yogic asana techniques.
I approach the practice as a practice of Movement more than the practice of Yoga, for I do not claim to be a yoga guru. It's a blend of slow controlled asanas, with a focus on breath and alignment.

In a group or in private, every class will start with Breath work (the importance of understanding the way we breathe can be life changing for many people but especially those with anxiety, sleeping issues and attention difficulties, as well as kids, who are only learning to control their emotions), followed by Asana practice and Relaxation in a form of a simple guided Savasana.

The Asana part of the practice is slow paced (not to be confused with "easy" and "low intensity") and focuses on developing both strength and flexibility. Slow controlled movements require activations of smaller supporting muscles which a faster Vinyasa-like practice doesn't achieve in the same way. With that in mind, it's rather a smooth continuous sequence of several asanas (poses). But do not fret, slow doesn't mean easy and you will discover muscles you didn't know you had. It will challenge and surprise you, so be prepared to sweat, shake and grunt. Whether you are looking to increase mobility and move your body or want to challenge yourself and get into those instagrammable poses, you are in the right place.

I know not only from personal experience, but also from supporting irrefutable research that mobility and strength are some of the main elements to healthy living, decreasing chances of injury and delaying muscle atrophy as we age. If you'd like to be able to tie your shoelaces and play with your pet/ kids/ kinks without the fear of throwing out your back - it's time to start moving ;)

I do not guide through meditations as i believe it is an inherently personal experience, however i do guide through visualisations. They are believed to improve focus and attention span. Visualisation is a mindfulness technique that can be incorporated into your meditation practice.

Practitioners of all levels, ages, shapes and sizes are welcome.

I tremendously enjoy working with kids, so bring them along.

Beginners are especially encouraged to give it a try, (re)discovering things your body can do will be paradigm shifting.


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