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Playfulness, authenticity and compassion are important qualities that support my desire to live life joyfully, and these are qualities that yoga constantly reminds of.

I found myself drawn to yoga in 2011, and although it started merely as a physical practice, it soon turned into a deeply healing one for my mind, emotions and spirit.

In 2014 I completed my first teacher training and began teaching. During the same year, I was inspired to leave the corporate life after spending 9+ years in advertising and marketing. So I packed a backpack and travelled solo around India without an agenda for almost 4 months.

That was the beginning of what I call “Adventure Surrender”, a life theme that reminds me to follow my heart, trust intuition and surrender to growth.

I am now a self-employed full-time yoga teacher, certified by a number of reputable yoga schools in Bahrain and India and accredited by Yoga Alliance.

My teaching style, inspired by Hatha, Vinyasa, Iyengar and Yoga Therapy is grounding and meditative. I enjoy offering various classes and workshops, including prenatal yoga.

I especially enjoy teaching private classes. There is something deeply healing about practising within a safe, private space. Also, the introvert in me thrives in such environments, which means I do my job extra better!

Yoga has especially played a pivotal role in my journey with breast cancer treatment in 2018. I believe it helped me deal with the experience in a positively, gracefully and contributed to my healing.

Besides teaching, I enjoy chanting, singing, cooking, travelling, writing and all things creative.

My life moto is "surrender yourself to yourself".


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