Aman Singh


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Throughout our life’s journey, we occasionally come across teachers of whatever discipline whose pedagogical skill , personal ability, and knowledge of their art brings us to a new level of understanding and awareness.
Wise beyond his years, Aman happens to be just one of those teachers. Having bathed in yoga philosophy all his life in India, Aman grew up studying many of the formal aspects of yogic tradition and, as time went by, his dedication to his practice blossomed both through personal effort and reflection as well as through formally recognised training and certification.
He says himself that he « was blessed to have been able to learn from some of India’s major yoga schools, spiritual leaders and masters of yogic philosophy”.
Following completion of a diploma in yoga at a reputed Indian university , Aman was accepted for 3 months to study yoga at the internationally-renowned RIMYI in Pune. This « golden opportunity » as he calls it, was the springboard for him into the world of yoga.
For the past 10 years, he has been evolving both as a practitioner and teacher to offer a very demanding and motivating style of yoga based on the following : developing focus, willpower, and awareness of self through rigorous attention to physical alignment,endurance and flexibility, in order to achieve a balance of mind & body.
Thorough knowledge of the human anatomy and considerable experience through practice and careful observation have enabled Aman to apply a very effective « hands-on » approach with students. His advice and intelligently applied adjustments allow students not only to prevent injury but to reach new heights and discover their real potential thus boosting confidence and motivation in their practice.
Many « fashionable » styles of yoga have come to the fore in recent years but few rival with the powerful transformational qualities of the yoga tradition that Aman represents.
Live, Learn & Serve…