Amanda Boer

Sioux Falls, SD
United States

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I have been practicing yoga since I was 15 (So about 16 years). I was drawn by its calming qualities and the way it resonated with my soul as I worked through an array of health issues in high school. It carried me through those health issues, the stress of college, and then opening a business.

In spring of 2013 my only child developed leukemia at the age of 2. This really blindsided my husband and I and we were living in a very high stress environment between operating a business and caring for a sick child. Despite this I always found peace when I came back to my faith in God and yoga.

Fast forward to now through numerous trials and my daughter is one year chemo free and healthy. This winter (2016) I got my yoga certification. I dream I had had for some time. I wanted the opportunity to better my own practice and also be able to give this gift to others so it may help them find peace in the way it did me.

I plan to work with burned out caretakers, stressed mothers and mothers to be, as well as other highly stressed individuals be it through work or other circumstance. Currently I am coordinating to teach at a few locations throughout Sioux Falls and am also available for 1:1 restorative teaching. Check out more as teaching areas develop at


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