Amanda Carson

Cave Creek,, AZ
United States
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Yoga: I discovered a deep and profound connection to my yoga practice through vinyasa yoga. To truly and completely breath while connecting to movement is the most unbelievable experience. Freedom. The breath flows and energy moves freely in the body. You feel alive.

It is my intention to share this freedom of breath and mind with my students. It is my wish that all seekers of stillness, wellness, and happiness discover this practice and add it to their daily life.

I found yoga when I was less than 6 years old. My mother would take my brother and I with her to yoga. While she took class we would watch TV in a nearby room. After hearing the students chant 'om' before and after class I became so curious I asked to join in. My yoga journey truly began after finding myself free of high school. I had a very clear thought that simply said 'I want to take a yoga teacher training course.' This lead me to Yoga Pura's 500 hour and one year long yoga teacher training class of 2009-2010. Since completing this course I have taught and studied internationally in countries such as the USA, Mexico, Bali, Nepal, and Tahiti. Some of my most prominent teachers include Eric Walrabenstein and Anthony Scott.

Belly Dance: It was in Dubai, UAE in 2010 that I first encountered the exotic and spellbinding movements of belly dance. A professional dancer and friend by the name of Graciela Pischner witnessed me dance and encouraged me to pursue the art form myself. I had always danced, but I knew that this was 'my dance.' With great determination I set forth to discover this new art form. Since then I have performed at weddings, parties, night clubs, and concerts including locations such as the Mauch Chunk Opera House in Jim Thorpe and Ali Baba Hookah Lounge. Myself and my dedicated students have performed group choreographed pieces much to the delight of all age groups. I have come to identify my style as 'Gypsy Tribal', innovative, fun, world-inspired and mysterious! I look forward to continually sharing this exciting, sensual, fun, and liberating dance from the east! Please follow this link to find out more about the Baretoes Belly Dancers:

Tahitian "Hula" Dance: In 2015 I spent 3 months on the magical island of Tahiti. I found a dance studio nearby, Mana Here run by Pohere, a dancer who I was to find out later is not only a little famous but an excellent teacher. As a Belly Dancer for many years I went to these dance classes (Tahiti Ori) with an understanding of moving my hips but I soon found out that this island dance embodies a completely different energy. It is the sun and stars, ocean and fish, battles and love, playful and sensual, energetic and strong. It is Tahiti, a wild island of the French Polynesian Archipelago. I invite you to express the joys, beauty, and strength of this island culture through dance. The bonus is a rockin’ core work out and plenty of cardio!


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

5 Reviews

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