Amanda Fiorino

Louisville, CO
United States

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Amanda is a passionate teacher, writer & poet, soul-centered nature-psyche guide, death doula, horsewoman and advocate for the Other-than-human world. Having studied and mentored with leaders in the fields of Integrative and Holistic Health, Yoga & Meditation, Mindfulness, Depth Psychology and Nature-Based Soul Discovery, her work is multi-faceted and creative. She provides opportunities for self-exploration through the wild terrain of the mind and body, and believes in the extraordinary capacity to feel and imagine our way through the world.

With degrees in cultural anthropology, women's studies and English literature and criticism, Amanda's journey has included advocacy for human and women's rights, founding and directing a former women's non-profit (Empower Shakti), as well as leading trainings internationally with focuses on health, mindfulness and women's empowerment through the collective efforts of local community members.

Some of her teachers include Robin Saltonstall PhD integrative medicine health specialist and founder of the Center for Oldering, Bill Plotkin PhD eco-depth psychologist, underworld guide, wilderness guide and founder of Animas Institute, Geneen Marie Haugan PhD writer, wilderness guide and underworld guide, Tarron Estes, death doula & founder of The Conscious Dying Institute, Aditi Devi PhD anthropologist and pujarini, and Gina Caputo yoga teacher and trainer.

Amanda's vision is to reconnect people to the wild world of the Earth through the sensual wilderness of one's own body, mind and soul. Her soul-oriented work, which she refers to as "remembrance," involves a rewilding of the human being by helping humanity remember both their origins to the Earth and their inheritance of the Earth.

Amanda teaches at Yoga Junction of Louisville, CO with an amazing collective of teachers and students.


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