Amanda Kaeser

Spartanburg, SC
United States

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I have been practicing yoga for about 7 years consistently and I hope to facilitate my students in achieving some of the benefits I have reaped from my personal practice – an inner sense of joy and calm, mental focus and clarity, energy throughout the day, and above all, a renewed feeling of self-worth.
I specialize in vinyasa flow style yoga with a focus on alignment, seamless transitions, and the union of mind, body and breath. Additionally, I enjoy teaching restorative style gentle and yin yoga. Furthermore, I seek to infuse my classes with compassion and encouragement so that students leave feeling nurtured, energized and restored. I am a very dynamic person and I try to get the most out of all aspects of my life, my yoga practice certainly included. As a result, I invite students to test their limits in such a way that remains authentic to who they are.
After spending 6 years as a corporate accountant and analyst, I decided I wanted to devote more of my life to the practice of yoga and guiding others in their own yogic journey. Now, I use my business background in my role as a yoga studio manager in addition to teaching classes and I offer Aromatouch technique. Additionally, I am an avid vegetarian and I council teenagers and volunteer with local organizations. In my spare time, you will find me practicing yoga, doing house projects with my husband, playing with my 2 rescue dogs, cooking, spending time outside, visiting wineries with friends, and doing absolutely anything near or on the water.


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