Amanda Lemming

Novi, MI
United States

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I began my practice at the early age of 16 with teaching myself the primary series of Ashtanga. There were many factors about the practice that intrigued me, but mostly, I grew up knowing that I was missing something. I couldn't identify with others, let alone make friends, because I knew there was something in me meant to do bigger and grander things. Knowing that, I also grew up very isolated and clinically depressed. After my first "class" (Kino MacGregor's primary series on did) I felt full and complete for the first time in my life. Until I got a job and a car, that practice was my whole world. My happiness. My peace. My fullness. Once I became mobile and going to classes, that something I had always felt was missing started to bubble to the surface. Eventually, that something was realized on my third day of teacher training. It was like I was falling in love all over again, but instead, I was responsible for spreading the joy and peace that had saved my life.

I live for what I do, and it makes me feel enormously blessed every second I get to spend guiding those on their journey.


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