20 years practicing and still loving every moment that yoga surprises me, teaches me, inspires me. Then I share what I have learned and discovered.

I have believed for many years that yoga is truly for everyone. It really is about the inner experience, not the fancy handstands, but I do love a handstand.

I teach a range of classes to offer yoga to every level from Adaptive Chair based yoga to advanced asana practices with meditation.

From a background in HR and aromatherapy I now help students to find balance, peace and joy in their lives on the yoga mat to take beyond the yoga mat. Students are encouraged in classes to enquire for themselves about how they feel and how they move and I perhaps nudge and challenged them throughout.

I firmly believe that we approach our mat practice with a youthful inquisitive and playful mindset, then finding focus and quietness AND resting deeply.

And I love to talk about come and find out.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Mind and body

Amanda's care & knowledge of each student makes every class an oasis of enjoyment, but with an element of challenge for all levels of capability. Any injuries are acknowledged & appropriate levels are set or alternative positions suggested. It has been commented by some students that Amanda's voice is a great asset to her! The pitch & tone encourages, almost hypnotises, you to clear your mind during the relaxation phase. This leaves you feeling energised to continue with whatever the day will bring you.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Great yoga teacher

I've been a student of Amanda's for over 2 years now and I would truly recommend her to any beginner as well as advanced yoga student. She has an individual approach to every student, depending on student ability, always open to questions and ready to help. Amanda's professionalism and positive, natural personality makes her classes truly enjoyable.