Amanda Marsh

Lenox, MA
United States

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I fell in love with Yoga when I took my first Vinyasa flow class in college. Finding my breath guiding me through my practice completely snapped me out of my internal dialogue.
I was naturally flexible but didn't have enough stability to safely hold postures and ending up hurting myself through vigorious yoga, labor intensive work, and trail running.
After enduring several injuries I choice to dive in Meditation, and eventually found my way to Restorative Yoga. Listening to my body and giving it space to heal has yielded amazing mind, body, and spirit awareness and has inspired me to teach the power of stillness and ease. I also love to play with a balance of stillness and purposeful movement in my Hatha and Vinyasa infused classes. I encourage to students to always listen to what their bodies are communicating and make their practice their own. My goal as a teacher is to empower my students so they can take their practice wherever go, whatever they do, always being with breath, and objectivity.


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