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New Zealand

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Hello, welcome to a short summary of who I am and how I can help you!

My name is Amanda Percival director/retreats by Amanda
After 30 years of study, personal & practice, I believe I can offer you natural pathways to health and healing that is available in New Zealand.
I have a Diploma from the International Yoga Teachers Association (IYTA) 2002,
I have completed a volunteer role as Course coordinator for the Yoga Teacher Training IYTA NZ 2017/2018.

My offerings encompass more than one kind/style of yoga teachings.
Gentle, Slow mindful movements, Yin, Restorative, Illness & recovery.

My personal beliefs and passion are deeply associated with the teaching of aged people and restorative yoga.
I discovered the healing art of yoga with my mother as a teenager. We enjoyed attending classes together and this provided me with a lifelong curiosity for learning more and becoming a yoga teacher.
During my life I have experienced low points, yoga has lifted my spirits and gave me the confidence to make the right choices and decisions. Realising this I became aware that others would enjoy yoga and led me on a path of enlightenment to teach others.

I graduated with the IYTA of Aotearoa NZ in 2003 and moved to Brisbane in 2006. In 2007 I gave birth to my second son Oscar. At this time I started my business “Mums to be Yoga” in Brisbane Queensland.
Moving back to NZ (2011) I continued to teach my love of yoga in specialising a pregnancy yoga course called Pregnancy Health Yoga at the beautiful birthing centre in Bethlehem Tauranga.
My understanding of how yoga and mindfulness complement each other is a continual journey.

Having practised a strong athletic yoga practice for most of my adult years, due to a stronger practice, I experiencing a number of yoga-related injuries, I also found I know longer wanted to teach this form of yoga anymore, I realise that I needed to heal in a different way, and to offer the majority of the population of people who haven’t practised yoga a more slower form of yoga.

I realised my body needed a slow healing yoga practice and I also believe that the majority of the population are looking or need a more accessible yoga practice, not another fast hot physical cardiovascular yoga workout.

I offer people a slower gentle form of yoga, with the focus on breath connection, body awareness and the interconnection between mind, body, soul, & spirit, allowing people to practice yoga at their own pace in a safe and transformative environment.

I look forward to sharing your health & wellness healing journey with you.


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