Amanda Ramcharitar

Cape Town
South Africa

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Over the last 17 years of practicing and studying Yoga I have come to believe that the Yogic philosophy holds many answers that pose modern day humanity, the earth & animals we share it with. After a long journey throughout the world to find what it takes to be apart of a healthy earth and I found that it begins with oneself. One must first look within and develop compassion, love, a healthy mind, body and heart, with this whole nature one can truly contribute to a harmonious, healthy life and planet.

My yogic journey began when I travelled to India in search of this great subject and spent many years wandering through its dusty roads. I travelled from the south of India to the Himalayas in search of teachers and their knowledge. I was introduced to many forms of Yoga and learned the traditional Astanga Yogic system. It was there that i had the opportunity to begin teaching classes. I began to witness yoga’s amazing powers and it was here at the source in India that my passion and commitment to the traditional practice and its healing capacities took form. Within a few years I was certified as an Iyengar instructor and have continued to explore the amazing practice’s philosophy through various other disciplines including the Pratabhi Jois Astanga system, Shiva Rea’s Prana Flow, and feel aligned with the Universal Spirit of kindness and love for all living things.

After leaving India i followed my Yogic journey through many lands. I was called to teach Yoga in Malaysia, New Zealand, back in my home country of Canada and continue teaching in Cape Town, South Africa. I have been apart of running two Yoga Studio’s, taught in church halls, high schools, park programs, lawns, houses, beaches, aquariums and theatre’s, to a variety of people from athletes to the elderly, to young children. My classes emphasise Yogic philosophy with deep core strength awareness. Using a blend of Vinyasa and conscious alignment, with restorative elements, breath exercises and techniques of meditation.

It has been a a blessing to have found Yoga and to be one who shares it.


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