Amanda Van Winkle

Lodi, NJ
United States

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Sitting atop a mountain along the Appalachian Trail, with one Kundalini class was where it all began for Amanda. Two years of exploring different variations of yoga, and a strong desire to not only be physically healthy, she found the path of Sivananda. Spending a month on the ashram in Grass Valley, CA she studied meditation, ayurveda, proper diet, the asanas and most importantly proper relaxation. When she left, she was granted the title Yoga Siromani, meaning"Teacher of Yoga", by the Yoga Vedanata Forest Academy, a 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher certification from the Yoga Alliance, and a new name "Amrita", meaning "that which is immortal".

Since returning to the East Coast, her mission is now to share the inner peace and love passed down, holding dear to the principles of the Yamas and the Niyamas.


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