Amandev Ali

New York, NY
United States

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I am interested in many things, at the core is thriving at life in the western world while maintaining a positive balance with my physical, mental, and spiritual being. I am always finding ways to do such and share them with my friends and students at events.

I am digital media technologist by profession and like to use that platform to communicate a positive message and teach via live streaming. Teaching meditation and healing is not my source of income; this creates a kind of authenticity that is tough to find these days.

I truly understand living in the west is rough as the values of people differ greatly and the image of success is supported by exploitation of the weak, huge egos, putting others down, and just outright lies for gain.

It's a sickening environment, where if you are not practicing methods to say true to yourself and your values, you can quickly find yourself deviating away from a path of light.

I understand it's difficult to maintain a strong disciplined practice in this environment that's why we need to make practicing convenient but still interactive with other human beings.

I have a deep understanding and connection. I am healer and spiritual person who can communicate in a professional yet real way. Listening carefully, understanding, and providing practical advice and techniques for healing yourself. The words can be hard to face sometimes, but having a mindset that is open to change is the key to accepting new information, using it, and moving forward breaking through your blocks.

=== My Teachers & Influencers ===
- Guru Dev Singh (world renowned healer)
- Yogi Bhajan (brought Kundalini Yoga and SNR to the west)
- Sat Jivan Singh & Kaur from (Kundalini Yoga East, NYC)
- Sri Swami Satchidananda
- Paramahansa Yogananda
- Confusious
- Sun Tzu
- Miyamoto Musashi
- Bruce Lee
- Great books and many



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