Amba Dugo

Lliria Valencia

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I started my own journey into yoga at the age of 16 when my mother decided I was going to join a Yoga teacher training together with herself and my brother. That training took six years of my life to be completed.
I would never say that finally the words of my mum would become my truth. She used to say "I am doing this because this will be a profession you will have with you always wherever you are, it will be inside".
Nowadays I am an experienced teacher who has already been teaching for 9 years, practicing for 11 years and who is a yoga teacher trainer since 3 years ago.
I have been teaching in many places of my country, Spain. I teach in very well known yoga festivals. I have been teaching trainings in the birthplace of yoga, Rishikesh, India.
And all these things which I am telling to you are the things that keep me alive. These are the things that make my soul sing.
I love yoga and understand that yoga is nothing but LOVE and CONCIOUSNESS.
Yoga is to be connected to the source, to the wisdom within ourselves wich deeply knows that we are ONE, united and MAGIC.


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