Amber Buckley


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I'm from Australia and have been living in Greece for the last 2.5 years. Travelling to London to complete a training course with Ashtanga master David Swenson and continuing studies with Swaha Yoga Center completing 350 hours of training (200 RYT). Initially I started to do Yoga to escape from everyday life and a means of exercise and stress relief. But soon it became clear that Yoga was something much more. My practice left me to look within deeply and to explore the breath, the reaction of the mind, the association of emotions and thoughts whilst in different asanas. In 2013 I lived on the greek island of Paros for 7 months dedicating the days to my practice.

I have participated in many workshops, retreats and now teach Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga at Swaha Yoga Center. The lessons are based on empowerment, on stretching and relaxing the whole body with full consciousness of breath. Also offering Yoga Therapy classes to private clients. Travelling the world and spreading the wonderful connection of Yoga.


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