Amber Sandoval

San Luis Obispo, CA
United States

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Amber specializes in teaching yoga to “regular people.” Classes are taught in English, not in Sanskrit and are designed to be welcoming and approachable. She believes in creating a fun community environment where people can practice without feeling bound to tradition or ritual. Students are encouraged to laugh and ask questions while still developing a strong practice that is committed to what yoga is all about. Amber sees yoga as a fun and enjoyable way to move the body and challenge the mind. Without feeling intimidated, her students have been able to build a routine that instills balance, moderation, and health back into their lives.

Amber’s story began in 2000 when she was faced with chronic injury in her knees after extensive training in both competitive gymnastics and wushu kung-fu. Afraid of losing her active lifestyle she took to yoga as physical therapy, but it wasn’t long before her body had healed and she was able to practice without any restrictions. Practicing yoga has since evolved into a passion that has changed her life. As she furthered her practice, she felt more emotionally stable, physically fit, and noticed that her life became more peaceful and directed. After teaching in Hawaii for several years, in 2006 Amber decided to attend the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Forest Academy. Since then she has been in California, teaching in some of San Luis Obispo county’s finest studios.


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