Ame Onofrey

Edwards, CO
United States

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Ame began practicing yoga eighteen years ago in San Francisco while working on the trading floor of a Brokerage House. While she initially began practicing yoga to relieve the stress of working on the trading floor, the growth and development of her practice led her to the desire to open her own studio.

She trained with Bikram Choudhury in 2000. Spending her youth as a competitive junior tennis player and continuing on as a Division I full scholarship varsity player provided her with the discipline and knowledge to work with athletes and those recovering from injuries.

The athletic community of the Vail Valley offered an ideal spot to start a Hot Yoga studio. She has taught over 10,000 hours to become a Master teacher. At Vail Hot Yoga, Ame can assist with the rehabilitation of injuries as well as extending and improving the careers of our winter and summer athletes. She knows first hand how to rehab knees post surgery and is available to work with students on an individual basis. Ame works with professional athletes, "hopeless" rehabilitative injuries and those who have become sedentary. She encourages the students in the studio to work with discipline while also having a good dose of humor. Trained in the Egoscue Method, Ame, is able to bring multiple disciplines to her understanding of yoga, postural alignment, and rehabilitation. She developed the ONO Method which has been evaluated by local physical therapists as one of the best things to happen to yoga.

The ONO Method is intelligent fitness. The focus in class is on strength and stability of the joints, development of the posterior chain of muscles and postural alignment. Class is practiced in a warm (approximately 90-95 degree) room.


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