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Sri Lanka
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My interest in yoga came about as a natural development after early years studying ballet, through team-based sports during schooling and as a law student at university, on to a lifelong exercise regime which saw me research varying forms of fitness and healing and which instilled in me a love for the outdoors. The ancient science of Yoga captured my imagination while I was living and working as a lawyer in the United Kingdom. Being an ardent traveller, my interest in and love for the tropics and the diversity and nature of Asia to which I was exposed during early childhood, were factors which propelled me to gradually immerse myself in the practice, study and teaching of Yoga, well-being and meditation.

Having completed my 200 hr. Yoga Teacher Training with the eminent teachers at Blooming Lotus Yoga and having returned to them in July 2018 for an additional 100 hr. Yoga Teacher Training, these days both theory and practice combine to become part of my day to day life as a practicing Yoga Teacher and Consultant.

My overarching intention is through teaching Yoga compassionately and with grace, to share my approach to spiritual awakening - and perhaps to different ways of life.

During my classes I will welcome you to the journey of ‘Being’, the essence of Yoga and invite you to listen to your inner voice and intuition, which is your supreme teacher. From the heart, the place of stillness, balance, openness and love, I share my growing knowledge and experience, to support students in their journey into the inner heart of Yoga.

Part of my predominantly Hatha – infused practice and teachings are meditation and mantra’s. A mantra is a sound vibration that has the ability to both protect and expand the mind. When we consciously begin to use a mantra, we are generating a new vibration and allowing it to penetrate deeply into our energy field where it can heal and strengthen our aura. I also teach Yin Yoga and Restorative yoga classes.

During my courses and classes, I emphasize the highly practical philosophy of Yoga, awakening our innermost potential, to a path which allows for different and loving perspectives, free from attachments. At the same time we retain a very pragmatic approach by focusing on our foundation - allowing us to become our strongest, most secure, most flexible self, based on sound values.

A regular yoga and meditation practice is a strategic science and a lifestyle to reach our best form yet - body, mind / psychology and soul - such that we are fully capable to manage any and all life's challenges with grace and equanimity and ease - for we are able to let go, renew and refresh on and off the mat.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

6 Reviews

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Very positive and a great teacher. Always willing to go that extra mile to help us. Well balanced lessons help me feel energetic at the end of each session. Would love to have more weekday morning sessions!!!

Amice van der BurgJuly 25, 2018
thanks dear Sonali!

Thanks and noted love. You are a great yogini and we would love to see you more often. We will review the schedule and I will also work on a routine for you to get your self practice going at home...hoping there sometimes may be a quiet little moment and /or space at home... family commitments permitting. Shall revert 1:1. Much love, Amice xxx

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Amazing experience :)

I joined Amice 's yoga classes recently, and I must say it's one of the best decisions I've made this year. She is no ordinary yoga teacher, she's much more than that. The way she carries herself, her kind heartedness, her experience in yoga, all of this combined makes her the best yoga teacher, I've ever met.


She is very particular about the health of the students, and when doing certain postures she asks if any part of the body hurts and if it does, she finds an alternative method to make us feel more relaxed and at the same time reminds us that stretching despite the pain is also important if we are to excel to the next level. After a 2 or 3 hour session with her, my body feels more at ease and the rest of the day just feels great.
I'm so glad I joined her classes :) thank you Amice!

Amice van der BurgJuly 24, 2018
here's to more yoga with you!

Thank you so much Nadeesha! You really pick up the practice very well... and you make me laugh since yes when it comes to attending two classes in a row together with a few other ladies - well done! Let us continue to practice together at least twice a week in addition to your other workouts, including yin and/or restorative. Well done love for starting a new routine and keeping up the discipline. Much love, Amice xxx .

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My best yoga experience

Yoga with Amice has been a very rewarding experience for me. Whether it be on a physical or a spiritual level, I have noticed myself transform within just a few months of following her classes. I would recommend anyone and everyone to follow her classes.

Amice van der BurgJuly 24, 2018
thanks dear friend!

Dear Manisha,
thanks so much for your kindness. You are a promising yogini and we miss you - lots of laughs and joy also thinking back of some of the acro postures we did together, as well as your great backbends! Thank you for sending your family our way! Looking forward to practicing with you again.
Much love and see you soon
Amice xxx

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A challenging and an inspirational yoga experience

It was a privilege to have been able to attend yoga classes at BC life style studio in Mount Lavinia during my stay in SriLanka earlier this year. The classes are small and the teacher, Amice paid individual attention to each one of us making sure that we attempted every pose safely and correctly. We were encouraged to go a little further attempting more challenging poses in every class and at the end of my holiday I felt I had improved tremendously.


Amice was always very pleasant and friendly towards each one of us and the location of the studio is fantastic too. The sea view from the studio make it very relaxing. I recommended these yoga sessions to my daughter and we both hope to be there again next month for a few weeks of wonderful yoga. I wish there were more yoga sessions during the day while I am holidaying in SriLanka. That will make my visit to SriLanka even more worthwhile. Thank you so much Amice for all your encouragement with yoga and we look forward to meeting you again soon.

Amice van der BurgJuly 24, 2018

Many thanks for your kind and encouraging words, dear Karuna!
You are an inspiration to all of us and we are looking forward to seeing you again soon! You will note that we have taken up yin yoga and restorative yoga with bolsters - very comfortable, healing and safe which complements are yang or muscular practice.
Until then, much love to you and your family! Blessings always, Amice

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Positive, diven and international oriented yoga teacher

I followed lessons from Amice in Colombo aswell as in Switserland. Her international focus and orientation makes her special, she has the right touch with the Sri Lankan as well as the European students.

Amice van der BurgJune 21, 2018
thank you

Thanks dear Net for your comments! It was such a pleasure to guide the lessons in the Loetschental, last week, and at Brook Boutique Hotel, last year, in the open air! I look forward to seeing you again at Ahaspokuna in Sri Lanka and/or next year at an International Yoga Festival
Sending you loving kindness from Sri Lanka - I am sure your dedication and devotion to your yoga practice will earn you big karmic awards!

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Spirituality, strengthening, challenging, relaxation...

I met Amice in February 2017 at a Yoga retreat and felt some kind of spiritual connection to her since then. To my great happiness she started guiding yoga classes in BC Life style which is a very convenient location for me. I am glad and feel blessed to have an opportunity to have Amice as my yoga teacher. I liked her classes since the first one I have attended.


She has such a good balance of spirituality, strengthening, challenging, relaxation in her classes and you feel even slightly upset when the class is over  Even if there are students with different levels of practice, she manages to make a class attractive and challenging for all of them. After more than a month practicing with Amice I’ve already started feeling some progress in flexibility and I’ve managed to do some asanas which I have never been able to do before! She really loves what she is doing and she spreads the inspiration among her students. Influenced by her I have started practicing yoga and meditation more often by myself at home which also gives huge benefits to my physical level and my emotional state. The classes are always different and well-arranged, there are great transitions from one asana to another with no big tension and with a well-planned sequence. She always tries to correct student’s mistakes with a very gentle and individual approach. There are always breathing exercises involved and meditation which balances you emotionally and have a huge effect on relieving stress. You feel her care and guidance during the class from the beginning to the end. Moreover I would say you feel it even after leaving the class… Thank you for being my teacher and I hope to have more beautiful moments in the future.

Amice van der BurgNovember 11, 2017
Thank you Asta

Thanks so much for your wonderful review which captures the essence of what I am trying to share with my students?. Looking forward to seeing you and all my other students and friends blossom just like you - and advance their practice. It only illustrates that the regular practice of yoga, meditation and pranayama brings out our best and most beautiful, wholesome Selves?. Here’s to practicing yoga together based on universal love and true yogic principles.
Mettha to all and looking forward to seeing many more on the mat!