Amit Shauli

San José, 08
United States

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Yoga transformed my life. It helped me get the balance I need between my mind, body and soul. I choose to practice Yoga as a lifestyle both on and off the mat as it is the foundation of my everyday life. I believe yoga provides a consistent source of positive energy through all of life’s ups and downs, and I aspire to share my passion with others.

I completed my teacher training in Toronto with 3 Yogi brothers from India. My training took part in an accessible, non-competitive, and non-judgmental environment, and I maintain the same approach in my class. In my teaching I am always committed to empowering and equipping Yogis with tools that can help them live a better life.

I moved to Costa Rica from Toronto to experience a simpler life, be closer to nature, and teach Yoga for a living. I find Yoga teaching both uplifting and humbling experience, it pushes my limits and challenges me physically, mentally, and spiritually.

My other life passions include world travel and experiencing different cultures and ways of living. I love to cook and create delicious meals using clean and healthy products. I also enjoy reading, dancing, sports, and good conversations.


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