Amore St Ives

San Diego, CA
United States

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Amore was raised in Portland Oregon and spent most of her childhood amidst the lush forest that Oregon and the Columbia River had to offer. She moved to San Diego in 1996 to attend UCSD where she studied Psychology and Theater Dance. Upon graduation Amore served time in the Peace Corps, Ghana Africa which sparked her loved for international travel and serving a greater cause.

After what seems like a lifetime of experience in dance, personal training and health and wellness Amore decided to take a leap of faith and quit her corporate job to follow a passion for yoga. She started her yoga practice over 10 years ago as a healing exercise for her arthritis and fell in love with the flexibility, strength, and blissful feelings she received from her practice. She has practiced a plethora of yoga styles including; Vinyasa, Bikram, and Iyengar in Bali. Her yoga journey began with a yearning to find a deeper relationship with her spirit and connection to her body. Through her yoga study she has discovered the power of quiet meditation, how to use energy movement through the body with breath, and the joy of living presently. Her goal is to continue to share her energy and yoga knowledge with you to empower and encourage your own yoga journey.

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