Amrita Rosen Korman

Los Angeles, CA
United States

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Amrita’s love of movement and dance led her to step into her first yoga class over twenty years ago. Since that time, she has practiced yoga regularly and has had the opportunity to study with some of Los Angeles’ most renowned teachers. Amrita is certified at the 500-RYT level in Sattva Yoga, which she received while studying with Anand Mehrotra in Rishikesh, India. She is also certified in vinyasa flow by Steve Ross of “Happy Yoga”.

Amrita, whose name symbolizes the “elixer of life” and the one who brings rejuvenation, healing, and regeneration, brings those qualities into her teaching. Her journeys are journeys into timelessness, leaping from dis-ease in the mind, body, and spirit into ease and vitality.

Amrita’s love of Sattva Yoga truly shines while teaching. Her class is an expression of gratitude for all her mentors, especially Anand. She feels joy while sharing all she has learned over the years and is committed to the Sattva community and to Sattva Yoga Los Angeles.

Amrita invites her students to create a new mindset and an environment for true happiness. Sometimes, the first step to being happy is to learn how to be present and mindful. By beginning to pay attention, we can begin to transform ourselves.

Amrita is also a certified nutritionist and owner of Ark of Wellness, a nutritional counseling program. She works with clients one-on-one to heal the mind, body, and spirit with a goal of transformation, inside and out. She helps to empower people to improve their health and wellbeing with an emphasis on healthy lifestyles, healthy food, and a strong sense of self.

She believes in the power of the unconscious in our lives. If the mind is not well, the body cannot function. She strives to keep in mind the conventional and modern, the worldly and spiritual, and the connection of the body, mind, and spirit when working with her students.



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