Amy Bisazza

United Kingdom

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Amy has been delving into the world of the healing arts since she was a teenager. During this time she was fortunate enough to be introduced to Buddhism and Philosophy as well as amazing teachers and different styles of Yoga - all of which marked the beginning of her spiritual search.

After studying Child Psychology at University she started her first Yoga teacher training. She initially trained with The Yoga Academy, as a British Wheel of Yoga accredited Hatha Yoga teacher, as well as Kid’s Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga and Yoga Nidra with other schools.

Over ten years she completed the three levels of Reiki training, and is now attuned to Reiki master level, as well as completing Gong training with Don Conreaux, and the Kundalini Yoga teacher training with The Karam Kriya School. As well as teaching, she writes articles for various magazines; Psychologies, Woman's Lifestyle and SportShoes online.

Her classes are infused with rhythm, devotion, and with emphasis on alignment and safety - yet with a little sprinkle of humour and light heartedness!