Amy Landry

Newcastle NSW

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Amy was awakened to yoga in 2006 whilst working internationally as a professional dancer. Her journey began with a consistent devoted practice of Vinyasa Flow yoga, which allowed for the same fluidity and expression that dance offered, but with the added spiritual practices. As a result, Amy felt that yoga not only aided in recovery of dance injuries throughout the following years, but it also cleansed her mind, body and breath, creating space for growth and transformation. She believes that the path of yoga is not only via sweat (asana), but also breath (pranayama), love (bhakti), seva (service), and conscious living. As a teacher – and forever a student – Amy witnesses the yoga practice as an aid to releasing layers of the ego, to find more authenticity within. She encourages others to uncover, through the practice, the deeper layers of the self to initiate change, growth and healing. Born and raised in Newcastle, Amy envisions a future teaching not only within the Australian community, but also internationally. She was deeply touched and inspired by her journey to India, where she had the opportunity to study, teach and witness the ancient spiritual practices that are still part of the day to day living. This also furthered her love and ‘obsession’ with Ayurveda – the ancient traditional lifestyle practice from India. Amy is currently studying this ancient science, and intends to complete her certification to become an Ayurvedic Lifestyle consultant early 2014. Amy has studied and practiced in a variety of styles, including Iyengar, Ashtanga, Purna, Yin, Power and Hatha Yoga – from many of the great inspiring teachers known worldwide today. She is devoted to sharing the ancient practices with others as well as helping each soul to find their individual flow and full potential. In her opinion, Amy would love to see even more people practicing all forms of yoga beyond asana, such as meditation, philosophy, breath, kirtan and service. She believes we are drawn to yoga to actively begin the journey to heal ourselves, our souls, and our minds. You may have seen Amy gracing the cover of Om Yoga and Lifestyle magazine, or read her contributions to MindBodyGreen, elephant journal, White Magazine, Australian Yoga Life, Tathaastu Magazine, and more. She is honoured to be an ambassador for Manduka, KiraGrace, Juil, abi and joseph, and Blooming Lotus Jewelry.


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