Amy McDonald

Castlemaine VIC

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How I came to Yoga

Like many, I came to Yoga because of an illness. Stress, actually. I was really, really stressed and the doctor recommended that rather than taking medication, I should try going to Yoga classes.

So my mum booked me in. Yup, I was eight. An eight-year-old stress head who couldn’t understand fractions. Now, lots of years later, I’m still practicing Yoga and loving the peace it brings to my life. And, in case you were wondering, I’m not still up nights thinking about maths!

How I came to teaching Yoga

Up until 2008 I went to a class or two in Melbourne every week. I tried a few different teachers and settled into a comfortable groove. Then, in January 2009 I booked myself in to a Yoga retreat with Sara Avant Stover in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Sara’s teaching style, philosophy and approach to Yoga was ground breaking for me. So much so that I headed back to Chiang Mai six months later and put myself through Sara’s 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program.

The training challenged almost everything I knew about myself, took me to my edge relentlessly, and forged new strengths and understandings. I was blessed with teachings from a team of wise Yogis, including Kimberly Johnston and Ellen Heed as well as Carlos Pomeda, who remains my Yoga philosophy teacher.

I will always be an avid Yoga student. I have completed my Anusara Immersion Training with Noah Maze, Julie Smerdon and Cassandra Missio and Christine DuFresne. I have studied teacher training with Betsy Downing and therapeutics with John Friend, Christina Sell, Tara Judelle and others.

How I teach and practice Yoga

I teach classes with a balanced blend of alignment, challenge and fun. I aspire to bring out the best in my students and help them find health, piece of mind and joy.


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