Amy Pastore

Ramsey, NJ
United States
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Amy’s Yoga story began after years studying fitness and martial Arts. She stepped into her first yoga class at the gym looking for a good stretch and found that it wasn’t exactly love at first down dog. The postural practice was physically challenging but the biggest suprise was required mental steadiness and attention to detail that yoga entailed. Never backing down from a challenge, Amy kept up with her practice. It wasn’t until she became more familiar with the asanas and their connection to the breath that she began to experience how profound the practice of yoga could be. “When I started linking the movement with the breath, the practice became magical. I had an ‘a-ha’ moment and it quickly became apparent that this practice was much bigger than anything I had done in the gym. I was learning how to pause and flow, cultivating an awareness and concentration that would not only serve me on my mat but gave me the tools to act elsewhere in my life in a way that was life affirming.”

Amy traded in her boxing gloves for a yoga mat, her gym membership for class packages at her favorite Yoga Studio, Yoga Synthesis where she found her first and most influential teacher, Raji Thron. She took her first Yoga Teacher Training in 2006 and has since continued to grow and feed her insatiable desire to learn more from the multitude of yoga styles and teachers in the world. Amy has over 3,000 teacher training hours from various schools of yoga.

Amy’s teaching draws from her many influences. Her classes are powerful, dynamic and spiritual, incorporating meditation, pranayama and classical yogic teachings, combining it all in a way that is relatable to students in modern times. She values intelligent alignment and infuses her classes with dharmic theme from her years of teaching Anusara. She adds a fluid meditative quality from studying breath centered vinyasa, but counters that with the occasional long hold to cultivate power and control. She loves creating interesting unorthodox postures and flows that progressively take students to places they never knew existed.

In 2011 Amy founded iflow Yoga LLC and established her home studio, the Down Dog House. iflow Yoga is modern Vinyasa style that draws upon Amy’s extensive study of the yoga sciences. Amy maintains a regular teaching schedule in Northern New Jersey. She also has led workshops and classes in Thailand and has led 200 hour Yoga Teacher Trainings Programs in Ubud, Bali and at her home studio in Ramsey, NJ.

Amy generously shares with her students what has been valuable and what has worked for her from her vast experiences. Her most important message to her students: “This practice is a metaphor for life, the mat is a mirror. Each time we come to the mat, it’s an opportunity to learn something about ourselves. Everything we learn on the mat we can take and apply to life.” Amy is widely recognized and respected by her peers as a teacher dedicated to her practice and the love of sharing it with others.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

8 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Amazing & Loving Teacher

Wonderful teacher . I love her classes and her direction is so precise and fun. Don't miss some time with this wonderful teacher. You will learn a ton of information.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Inspiring and fun

Amy completely embodies the authenticity of being on the yogic path. Her classes are inspiring, challenging and fun. Her sequencing is creative and due to her incredible ability to theme, I always leave her classes feeling centred and moved.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

The very first yoga class I ever took nearly 5 years ago was with Amy. It was a vinyasa level 2-3! No idea what to expect, and definitely did not at that time have any idea that my life would take such a different path than the one I expected. Amy helped me for nearly 2 and a half years to advance my practice both physically and mentally. She has a way of bringing everything together and giving everything a sense of harmony.


She has an amazingly addictive vibe that makes you want to be around her and she puts such heart and spirit into each and every one of her classes. She develops great rapport with every single student who comes to practice with her. She is also a real person; she doesn't preach on the mat, what she doesn't practice off the mat and vice versa. Truly genuine, beautiful, amazing yogini inside and out!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Great teacher

I love Amy she's so into the details of alignment and has years of experience I personally took my teacher training with her and I had an amazing unforgettable experience I highly recommend her in the tri state area she's awesome!

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Amy and Acro Yoga

Amy is an incredible instructor!
I have recently started taking her AcroYoga class also taught alongside her hubby, Freddy. They are both super invested in your progress and success. Each class is well thought out, includes poses "doable" and ones that are a challenge. It's the perfect combo of demos, plus trial and error on your own with their support for maximum results in mastering the pose. Highly recommend training with Amy!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Amy is a gem!

I have known and practiced yoga with Amy for many years. She was one of my very first yoga teachers and the ONLY one of those first teachers I still practice with. Amy is a yogini that walks the walk. She teaches with a tender heart, let's her love of yoga shine through and sincerely cares about all her students, no matter your level of experience with yoga. I'm a much better person & yogini because of Amy! Alane

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Best teacher!

Amy is one of the best teachers I have had the pleasure of practicing with! She is extremely knowledgable, friendly, and caring.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Perfectly imperfect

Amy Jean's classes are as wonderful and authentic as she is. They are a perfectly balanced combination of asana and dharma. She understands alignment and helps her students gain a better understanding of it in each class. Every sequence is unique and inspiring. Love this teacher.