Amy Slevin

United Kingdom
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Yoga teacher, Qualified Osteopath, Pilates instructor, Parkour practitioner.

Amy Slevin is a yoga teacher and qualified osteopath. She uses her knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics for a safe and effective yoga practice that is also fun.

Predominantly working privately, Amy prescribes poses and sequences to directly benefit her clients' individual needs.

Amy also works with athletes to help optimise their performance; people who are working with injuries or specific conditions, as well as taking the ambitious through their paces in dynamic open classes. Working privately, Amy prescribes poses and sequences to directly benefit her clients' individual needs. Her clients not only receive private yoga training, but osteopathic manipulation to help reach peak performance.

As a Parkour practitioner and former dancer, Amy personally recognised the relevance of yoga and 'myofascial fitness'; through yoga she felt lighter, stronger and more controlled in her Parkour movement.

Amy trained at The British College of Osteopathic Medicine, with Tripsichore Yoga, “YAS” Yoga for Athletes in Los Angeles, and the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Bespoke yoga - Central London

I have now been doing one to one sessions with Amy for nearly 6 months. Although I've been practicing yoga, off and and on and off for 40 years it's the first time I've tried one to one coaching which is a whole different experience.


I was looking to reconnect with Yoga as a supplement to my running practice and Amy's advertised bespoke approach and experience of parkour was what attracted me. That as well as her great Facebook site and what it shows of her own practice, she demonstrates some great technique.

Through the sessions I have reconnected with yoga and for sure it supplements the running. The sessions are hard practice, no where to hide, but also great fun and we do laugh a lot. One of the big changes I've noticed is the exploration of proprioception, the sense of my body in space. You may think you're in a good alignment but...

I love the fact that Amy's so down to earth and practical, her sense of humour and her passion for what she does and would recommend her unreservedly.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Yoga Down Under

As a classically trained Pilates teacher I have always been interested in Yoga but have never pursued it as a regular training modality. I have tried Bikram on several occasions over the years but not been motivated to practice it continuously.

I am now being trained by Amy via Skype and am absolutely loving it! At the end of each session I am already looking forward to the following weeks Skype Yoga practice.

Amy's knowledge is broad and her skills incredible. A very professional teacher with an ability to explain postures without the need for hands on adjustments and all from the other side of the world!

I would recommend Amy to anyone who wishes to practice Yoga whether it be in person or via Skype.

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Amazing Yoga Teacher in North London

Amy is fantastic - from someone who barely exercised before Amy is personable and helped create a programme that was achievable and really put me at ease at the same time as stretching me and challenging me. I would highly recommend Amy to beginners or those more advance as we progressed over the months we worked together. Big thumbs up!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Yoga from Afar

I have had a long athletic career and never properly took care of my body. I made it a goal this year to work on flexibility and caring for my body. I decided that the best way to move forward was to incorporate yoga into my daily training.


I ran into Amy during my travels in London and was thoroughly impressed with her yoga practice. Not only was she fully capable herself, but she was able to bring a scientific perspective into the loop to help justify the reasons behind each pose and how it could help athletic performance. Even though, I am not based in London, I was able to make arrangements with Amy to receive Skype lessons.

We began our lessons two months ago and I am already seeing tremendous improvements in terms of flexibility and strength. Even over Skype, she is able to correct posture, provide progressions, and ensure I stay safe and injury free.

I have a huge passion for inversion and love working on handstand variations. I thought my practice was good until I saw Amy's flawless form and control. Amy is not only able to come up with variations to push me to my limits, but can demonstrate them herself, which allows a me to learn quicker.

I would highly recommend Amy as a private yoga instructor to any student whether beginner or advanced. She knows her stuff and will get any student to achieve their goals. If you're in London, get in touch with Amy right away.