Ana Sadhana

Estepona Málaga

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Ana came into Yoga in 2004 motivated by her own quest for a therapy that could help her in overcoming stress. After some years practicing yoga philosophy, asanas, pranayama and meditation, yoga not merely improved her health, but changed her mind, her way of living and ultimately her life. Ana gave up working as a business manager and university teacher, sold everything and decided to go deep in her yoga path and spiritual journey.
She started travelling in 2010 around Asia and India to learn from different yoga's approaches and has been training since then as teacher and yoga therapist in various centres of India. This has allowed her to go deep into the various yoga techniques that complement the entire practice, from a physical, psychological and spiritual dimension.
By exploring different schools and methods she has achieved alternative approaches, taking from each one what she considers her main objective: the therapy.
From one side she holds Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa and Vinyasa Flow classes and from other side, her Yoga-Therapy studies allow her to tailor personal routines to follow her main objective in life: help others to heal their selves and improve their quality of life.
ONE TO ONE CLASSES, GROUP CLASSES, CUSTOMIZED YOGA THERAPY SESSIONS AND WORKSHOPS segmented by type of disorder or condition, (with specialization in back condition, stress management, and woman cycle-pregnancy, meopause and postpartum-) As well she tailor classes for sport people (Yoga for cyclist, golfers…. ) where the needs are different.
Asanas, breathing techniches, mindfulness, yoga nidra, relaxation, zen meditation, visualization, chanting, womb blessing , lifestyle and all can be involved in her classes. You are most welcome.

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