Anabel Cardenas

San Antonio
San Miguel De Allende GUA
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I taught dance for 20 years and my various interest in the body-mind-spirit connection,in the the well being ,gorwth and expansion of the human experience brought me to yoga.
I took a look to the different styles of yoga and believe that all them have something to teach us, so i took what i felt is the best of those styles and create a blend of what i thinks wroks for this culture and the needs of this times that we are living today.


Average: 4.9 of 5 stars

24 Reviews

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Exceptional Teacher!

I have studied with Anabel for more than 5 years and am thrilled to have this opportunity to post a recommendation for her. Her classes are very unique - I have never experienced the same class twice - with a focus on safety, spirituality and mindfulness. She began her training in Ballet, so her knowledge of the body is exceptional. You'll love her classes, retreats and workshops!

Anabel CardenasNovember 16, 2016
with gratitude

Gracias Joseph, for being a great yoga student but mainly becuase you know how to be a friend, you are a great friend, great artist, great actor and mainly a very very fine humain being.
A generous very generos , kind and creative person.
Always ready to give a hand or both!!!jajajja
and i am so gratefull to have you in my life.

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Yoga with Anabel

I look forward to my time with Anabel - her approach to yoga is the right degree of spiritual and asanas and she is very aware of the levels of individuals in her class. I would highly recommend her to someone starting yoga and to an old soul! Namaste

Anabel CardenasOctober 30, 2016
in gratitud


I miss you in class!!
i know is not yet your time to come to san miguel, but please check my website to check my new location for morning classes.
I am happy to read you you look foward to my classes.
I am looking foward to practice together.

Un abrazo

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Anabel is simply the best!

I've been attending Anabel's yoga classes for more than 10 years. She is simply the best yoga instructor there is! I thoroughly enjoy her classes as it is a perfect combination of challenge with a good, thorough cool down. She is a gentle soul who encourages each student at their specific skill level. She is the only instructor I recommend to friends and family while in San Miguel. I can't say enough about Anabel!

Anabel CardenasOctober 30, 2016
in gratitud....

Dear Margaret.
Thank's for your words, your apreciation and recognition ...
I love to have you in my classes ,each time you enter by surprise..becaue sometimes i don't know when you are in town and you show up with your bright ,and beatutiful smile....ilke a sun!!!shining smile ahppy spririt's
Your daughter is so sweat and gentle like you. also love to have her enery in the class ...

I send you a big hug hoping you are doing well and happy and enjoing your life your day each moment,


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Caring and Focused - best bi-lingual instructor in SMA!

Balanced mix of Spanish and English - you never feel lost. What I love MOST about Anabel is that she not only coaches you thru the yoga positions, she DEMONSTRATES the positions. To me, this is essential! She's encouraging and helps inspire confidence so that you can safely challenge your limits and go further. Safely and with confidence. LOVE her classes!

Anabel CardenasNovember 16, 2016

I am happy to read that you feel safe, confidente and safley challenged and that it hepls you that i demonstrates the poses and that you don't feel lost.
Yes the bilingual is part of my teaching for 15 years, so i am glad that it works for you and you dont feel lost...
Thank's for your review.

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She is the best

Her classes are never boring always different she should do some yoga YouTube videos so we can practice and benefit from her even if we are away from her she is amazingly good!

Anabel CardenasNovember 16, 2016
i will get there soon!!!


I will get there .....
it is a plan but i want to get to it....2017 will be the time to do them.!!!
thank's for your words of apriciation and inspiration to make the videos soon!!!

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Muchas gracias Anabel por tu entrega y vocación de compartir tu vasta experiencia
Disfruto mucho tu clase

Anabel CardenasNovember 16, 2016

Gracias a ti por ser parte de la energia de la clase.
Y por hacer de este mundo un mundo mejor!!
Entre mas gente practique yoga la vibracion de este mundo sera mas elevada.
Gracias por ser parte de esta vibracion.

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A wonderful teacher

One of my favourite yoga teachers

Anabel CardenasNovember 16, 2016
in gratitude

Gracias, and i am gratefull to know this.

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She is very thorough and patience. I have a very special condition and I am very happy with her, feeling much better.

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The best teacher in San Miguel de Allende

I used to be a very sedentary person and gave me an opportunity to Yoga. Fortunately my first classes were with Anabel and made me to love Yoga, now I have much more confidence in myself and I´m not afraid to try new things. My life changed completely. Anabel Thanks !!!!

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Best Yoga Teacher

I have been practicing yoga for many years with many different teachers....Anabel has been one of the best!
She is challenging without pushing you to do more than your body will allow in that moment. She mixes up the class so it is different every time. Even with (for me) difficult poses, I always feel successful because Anabel gives several positions to take within each pose, so everyone feels the benefit. I highly recommend!

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Anable is a knowledgeable, dedicated, caring and beautiful person inside and out. Her yoga classes are grounding, peaceful and jet energetic. Very beautifully led. She authentically cares about her students.

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The best teacher I have ever had.

I have studied yoga in many countries, (India included), and have yet to meet a teacher that is challenging, grounded, spiritual, and alignment focused quite like Annabel. She remembers we can do the crazy moves, just as long as you have correct form and the right sequence to get there;)She is awesome! Anyone who does not learn from her and has the chance to would be missing out on an opportunity of a lifetime.

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One of the best yoga teacher in town

Anabel has a lot of experience, her yoga class is one of the bests in town and now you have a plus, meditation class after you yoga!

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Wonderful teacher

I have had many good yoga teachers over the years and Anabel is one of the best! She is very knowledgable and professional and makes the class accessible to practioners at different levels. She also has beautiful form herself, making her lovely to watch.

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Anabel - Experienced, understanding, caring.

Anabel's classes are "all-level" so you never feel like it is beyond you, yet you can be challenged if you choose. i always feel refreshed and ready to take on the day after a morning session with Anabel. Highly recommended!

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Anabel - Elegant, intelligent, talented and insightful.

Joining in Anabel's morning yoga class is always rewarding both physically and mentally. Her gentle strength is remarkable in that I find myself achieving, and understanding more each day.

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She is Very profesional and focused

I am a woman over 70. Since I started taking her lessons I have been feeling very good specially with my back. She is a lovely human being

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Excelentes clase, gran maestra! Yoga con Anabel!

100% recomendable