Ananda Apfelbaum

New York, NY
United States

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I teach Thai Massage Sacred Bodywork as well as give clients Thai Massage Sacred Bodywork sessions in NYC. I am the author of Thai Massage Sacred Bodywork. In addition I made an instructional DVD also called Thai Massage Sacred Bodywork. I have studied Thai Massage extensively in Thailand and have been in the massage field for over 20 years. Yoga is my passion and renews and restores me daily, especially Ashtanga. I am grateful that yoga is here and Thai Massage. I grew up for part of my childhood in Mysore of all places but at that time did not study yoga. I studied Indian classical dance. Then some years later, as a young adult, I went back to India, this time to Madras and Orissa and continued my Bharatnatyam studies as well as started learning Odissi. I no longer am in the field of dance but the joy of movement remains and informs my work and life. Namaste!


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