Anandh Pillay


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Anandh is from Indian herritage and comes from Singapore.
Six years ago he moved to Sweden and Stockholm.

His yoga journey began some years ago on the rooftop of a house in
Kovalam, Kerala where he fell in love from the first asana class.
This trip became very special since that was also when he spoke to his
father for the last time. "This one life is so precious." - Anandh

Yoga continue its journey within Anandh and through practice he found great
change in his lifestyle and outlook in life.
This led to a desire to seek the truth of yoga, and in Sikkim up in the Himalayans
he did a 200h Teacher training course in Classic Hatha Yoga (Sivananda Style).

Today Anandh serve this path and now his journey has led him to our Center,
He will teach now & then at the center with his calming style of guiding classes.


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