Anandra George

Rishikesh Uttarakhand
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Anandra is a pioneer in the global yoga community, re-introducing the ancient practice of sound as a fundamental practice. She created the world’s first registered yoga teacher training based entirely on the transformational power of sound (including Sanskrit, mantra, Indian classical vocal meditation, and non-violent communication for everyday life). American by birth, Indian by soul, and global citizen by expression, she helps people transform their limiting belief systems and cultivate their most fulfilling contribution to the world.

She divides her time between India, Japan, and on Kaua’i island, Hawaii, and teaches mantra workshops and intensives worldwide. For more than 20 years, she’s been on “the path” and has been teaching and seeing private clients since 1999.

An internationally respected mantra teacher and sacred musician, she is frequently invited to teach and lead chanting/kīrtan at the world’s largest yoga festivals. Her students from online meditation groups, workshops, and teacher trainings speak highly about their experiences.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

6 Reviews

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Something NEW!!!

I have had years of working with Anandra. For me the greatest compliment I can give a teacher is that she is ever changing and growing herself. Anandra is always bringing new material, new thoughts to class. I have done healing and coaching work with her that is profound. Most importantly Anandra leads by example, she inspires me and works hard.

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Anandra George

Anandra is an phenomenal teacher. She is deeply compassionate and intuitive. She is able to listen to your needs and connect to your heart. Steadily engaged through her wisdom she joyful and profoundly encourages you into delving into a deeper understanding of yourself. She is beyond generous with her love and dedication to bringing you into your hearts passion and helping you uncover your authentic self.

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She is the best!

She is the pioneer, of new modern yoga world. And her energy is like Mother Earth. She is my mentor, sisterhood. I respect her and I can be recommended to all people, her lectures , sessions and workshops. I can say with confidence, she is the special one!! Ayana Dake from Tokyo Japan /彼女こそ新しい現代ヨガ界の先駆者です。そして彼女のエネルギーはまるで母なる大地。彼女は私の師であり、sisterhood。私は彼女をレスペクトしているし、あらゆる人々に彼女の講義やセッションやワークショップをオススメします。自信を持って言えます、彼女はスペシャルワン。by ダケアヤナ

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Brought me back to my roots

I just loved attending Anandra's session in Kauai and in India too. She has a most striking eye for details and also for the pronunciation of Sanskrit alphabet while keeping the intentional part to be paramount. Thanks for being the one that has brought me back to my roots!

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i feel i can learn a lot from her...

Learnt about mantras in a way i had never expected... Anandra is a very beautiful person and a friendly teacher... in that one session i felt i can learn a lot from her and bring about a change in my life... i hope i will be brave enough to experiment and experience :-)

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Mantra and Sanskrit Language

I find Anandra George to be a knowledgable and through teacher of Sanskrit alphabet and mantra. She shares history, lore, health and physiological effects and benefits.
While participating in the workshop and in continued mantra recitation I experienced positive affects creating life shifts; with an increase in clarity of mind, devotion of heart, trust in Universal order and optimism of a hopeful future.
In mantra and Sanskrit enunciation I have found a deepening of svadyaya and sadhana.
It is a joyful experience that I highly recommend.