Anantya (Adolf) Shin

Richmond Hill, ON
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Anantya, ERYT 500, completed both Basic and Advanced teachers’ training programs at Sivananda ashrams in South India and Quebec, Canada. He has been a steady practitioner for the past 6 years, in a continuing journey to learn all about yoga and its benefits.

Anantya passionately shares his knowledge with students about his classical yoga practice and coaching, hoping to inspire them to embark on their own journey to discover the unlimited power within them.

Through his classes, students will be able to tune into their inner spirit and work on developing their mind-body connection, while learning how to bring yoga into their everyday lives. Classes follow the Sivananda tradition which focuses on yoga asana, proper breathing, proper resting, proper diet and positive thinking/ meditation.

Anantya endeavours to make yoga accessible to all levels of practitioners, and he loves to introduce variations in the practice to suit different students. You can expect him to guide you through a vigorous yet meditative practice with an emphasis on connecting to your true Self while gaining joy and awareness on your mat.

Week of December 4TH

Saturday, Dec 09