Anastasia Brazh

Jacksonville, FL
United States
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Awesome to see you, another like-minded yoga lover! Welcome to my profile. People call me "Spiritual warrior" and a "Light worker". I'll take that. All these years I was wondering what is the value of my Journalism and Business degrees on my long "Light worker" path, though. But, wait a minute! Isn’t that journalist makes information and facts fun to read and easy to comprehend? Isn’t the business person can neatly organize about anything in the world? My yoga student confirm that my yoga classes are fun, inspiring and easy to follow. I’ll take that as well.

Now I would love to help you create Your Yoga story. I might not know you, but I know the potential of one who is interested in yoga practice, meditation and spiritual advancement. I can provide you with tools for learning yoga poses and meditation, as well as with techniques for fine tuning your exiting yoga practice.

Please check the schedule (on the right). I teach in person and online. See you in class!

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

4 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Awesome teacher!

Anastasia is an amazing instructor that helped me improve my yoga. Her Wednesday night class, was what I looked forward to most in the week. Very helpful instructor and very passionate about yoga! I would definitely suggest her to anyone!

Anastasia BrazhSeptember 9, 2018

Aww, thank you Jessica! It is a pleasure to have you in class! Hope to see you soon.

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Best Yoga instructor

Very instructive and safety orientated yoga instructor, precisely instructs yoga poses with much attention to detail and safety! Clearly details the spiritual, physical and mindfulness of yoga all!

Anastasia BrazhSeptember 9, 2018

Thank you, Juan, much appreciated you kind words, as usual.

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It's fairly rare to find someone leading yoga classes in a gym (YMCA in this case) who actually TEACHES rather than just playing "follow the leader". Her classes are well thought-out, relaxing, some are challenging, and full of insights, both spiritual and in the proper way to approach poses.

Anastasia BrazhSeptember 9, 2018

Thank you, Martha! That's because you give me inspiration for the class!

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Very good yoga teacher

I am honestly not into yoga. I played basketball half of my life (was on college team), but enjoyed soccer even more. But i have been to Anastasya’s yoga classes at ymca and some small studio of beach blvd before and actually at some gym off phillips too in the past. And i actually trully enjoyed it. I do prefer relaxing and stretching type of yoga, and it was amazing. I understand she teaches all kinds of yoga now. I highly recommend.
P.S. yes, i am actually a friend of hers and might be biased, but i am also a very honest person.