Anastasia Williams

Sydney NSW
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Anastasia Williams is the first certified Harmonyum Healing practitioner, and Naam Yoga/Meditation teacher in Australia. With over 16 years experience within the healing arts, 19 years of dedicated yoga practice she offers her clients Harmonyum Healing a comprehensive energetic medicine, Private & Group Naam Yoga and or Meditation Counsel and Practical Life Coaching. Anastasia is a devoted and ongoing student of Dr. Joseph Michael Levry for the past 12 years. Through practical technique and the wisdom of the heart, she inspires you to become the architect of your own existence, transforming life into an motivated evolution. ​

Born in Australia, Anastasia has recently returned after living and working in New York City for thirteen years. Anastasia’s work features an unyielding spirit: inviting within the individual an organic unveiling of the layers of blockages accumulated through life. Moving beyond old comfort zones with truth, kindness and care toward the self, while maintaining and cultivating an acceptance for the beauty of who you are now. Anastasia's devotion and dedication to the art of life enables her to bring every client a very practical understanding and approach to healing and spirituality within self and your daily experiences.

Anastasia teaches NAAM YOGA & MEDITATION:
Naam yoga is a practice that is very relevant to modern life's problems through its unique merging of the precise science of breath, sound and vocal vibration, rhythm, yogic movement and mudra therapy (hand postures), with the practical application and wisdom of Universal Kabbalah (the laws of nature) for total well being: physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

14 Reviews

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