Anaya Crow

Venice, FL
United States

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I am a 500 hour certified yoga teacher with a passion for working with people on their journey to discovering vitality, especially those recovering from emotional trauma and PTSD. Upon reading The Body Keeps the Score, I learned that trauma is stored in the cells of the body, and yoga is a useful tool for helping the body to release stored trauma. I have experience teaching Vinyasa, yin, restorative, gentle, chair, and nidra. Additionally, my 300 hour yoga teacher training had a therapeutic focus, enabling me to work one-on-one with a person using yogic management to address their particular health imbalances. I design therapeutic programs that include asana, pranayama, and other yoga practices specific to the individual's needs. I enjoy creating an environment that is welcoming, safe, lighthearted, compassionate, and encouraging.


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