Andhra Shen


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Hi there, many years ago i have discivered movement as a wonderful lively tool, i've been exploring ever since with dance and awareness in movement, as well as awerness techniques from traditionsl to contemporary. I am also certified as a 200 rys hatha yoga teacher. I enjoy working gently and with presence , to explore the subtleties that each technique and each body has. I am making special programes and classes related to each person needs. I am a non pretending spiritual person, i rather let spirituality manifest itself . As a personal research o go from transcending fisicality and thought matters by making them as light and quite possible in the search of a pieceful mind and well being. My aproach is warm, fluid and also fun, so be welcome. I teach in alternative spaces, with very flexible scheduale , so feel free to ask. I teach both in romanian and english.

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