André Elkind

Rio de Janeiro - Rio de Janeiro

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André is a stress management consultant, to help people and organizations live in harmony through consciousness expanding experiences. André founded Mantri Stress Management in 2013 to offer such life in harmony with a team of experienced meditation and yoga teachers, ayurvedic experts, massage therapists, and life coaches.

André was introduced to the practice of meditation, yoga asanas, and breathing 25 years ago, in 1991. Since then, he has been regularly practicing and studying vedic knowledge. He is a management graduate from Maharishi University of Management (1997), where he also studied subjects on vedic science, science of creative intelligence, Ayurveda, higher states of consciousness, vedic psychology, and the TM-Sidhis technique.

Up until 2013, he spent his career as an executive in different areas, such as retail in USA, food safety in Brazil, and technology in USA and Brazil. Today, André divides his time between Rio de Janeiro and the USA, where his two boys live. Experienced yoga teachers and massage therapists will join André at this retreat.


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