Andréa Paige

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ND, MSc, BA, E-RYT 500

With immaculate precision and attention to detail, muddled in open-heart, loving and immense depth, Andréa's class offerings are unspeakably unique. After a decade of global nomadism, Andréa spent the past four years as Director of Detox Programs at one of the largest yoga studios in Asia: The Yoga Barn, in Bali, Indonesia. She has since spread her wings and is based out of Amsterdam and Bombay.

Andréa's Yogasana experience has been shaped by formal practice on six continents, including all over India – in and out of ashrams, studios and private study. Andréa’s approach to asana is informed by a 14-year engagement with multiple dance forms as well as martial arts and the Alexander Technique.

She has trained in Yoga Anatomy with teachers Ray Long (Bandha Yoga), Glenn Black (Omega Institute) and physical recently she has been working under the influential work of Simon Borg Olivier (Yoga Synergy). Andréa's practice, teaching and understanding of Yoga is greatly influenced by thinkers like J. Krishnamurti and Ram Dass.

Andréa's place of rebirth was an international, intentional community and eco-village in the south of India. Also a certified Plant-Based Nutritionist, Colon Hydrotherapist, Iridologist and Reiki practitioner, Andréa has an MSc in Ethnobotany. Her studies of traditional medicinal and health systems bring a holistic vision to her interaction with Yoga.


Average: 4.8 of 5 stars

6 Reviews

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Average: 4.0 of 5 stars
would definitely recommend

I only attended one class of Andi's quite some time back, but sometimes that's all you need to know that someone is good.
Andi has a genuine loving and sunny nature which in itself does half the work for you in the classes. She teaches with ideas and approaches that are working for her in her own practice and therefore her classes are authentic and attentive. She has the ability to bring you into the present consistently and help you work with ease rather than forcefully.
I remember feeling very nourished after her class.. I would definitely recommend you to try her classes!

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Sharing love

Andy was one of my first yoga teachers and I remember coming out of her classes in Auroville loving yoga and life :) I had the chance to have her as a teacher again in Bali and I was so happy to experience once more a class where she communicates joy, enthusiasm, fun and love! Such an inspiring teacher and person <3

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Andi's amazing to have supporting me in yoga !

When I met andi a few years ago I had done a few classes prior. What I got from Andi was to visit the happiness already within me. I have always reminded myself to smile between the eyes which give a positive smile to my whole face.

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Incredible spirit, lots of knowledge

Andi is very deep into her spiritual practice, and that depth translates clearly in her teaching. She OMs with authority, and holds space for others to share their light. When I take a class with Andi, I know I'll get that deep spiritual breath of fresh air as well as a practical lesson on my body's own anatomical structure. Andi gives concise cues to help you understand how postures should feel. I would gladly recommend a friend to a class with Andi.

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Andrea Paige Perfect

Andrea is a super person and excellent teacher. I have met many good teachers but Andrea excels because she has integrated all the aspects of life for a true yoga of living and really walks her talk. Once you meet her you are never the same again. I am grateful

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Yoga Teacher Love

She is caring,compassionate and makes everyone feel special. Her approach to teaching is simple, honest and she brings out the best in every student. I am blessed to have her in my life.